• Shareable Starters

    • Famous Fried Pickles

      thinly shaved • white bbq sauce

    • Fried Green Tomatoes

      pimento cheese • chow chow • Nash sauce

    • Sweet Potato Skins

      smoked turkey • white cheddar
      bbq sauce • hickory bacon • sour cream

    • Southern Charcuterie

      ask your server for today’s selection!

    • House Smoked Bar B Que


    • Sandwich

      topped with picnic slaw

    • Tacos (2)

      - picnic slaw, sour cream & chow chow

    • Plates

      - habanero corncake with picnic slaw

    • Southern Seafood

    • Lemon Dill Salmon*

      Fresh dill and lemon butter • crѐme fraîche roasted cauliflower • asparagus

    • Grilled Catfish Tacos

      pickled veg • white bbq sauce avocado • french fries

    • Southern Skillet Steaks

    • Steak Frites 8 oz*

      100% Black Angus Bistro Filet • friesfinished with maître d’ butter

    • Burgers

      SERVED WITH FRIES AND HOUSE PICKLE sub grilled or fried chicken for beef

    • SoBro Burger*

      pimento cheese • Nash sauce fried green tomato • chow chow

    • Cheeseburger*

      cheddar cheese • lettuce • tomato • onion

    • Nash Burger*

      cheddar cheese • fried farm egg • hickory bacon • bourbon maple mustard

    • Cowboy Burger*

      pepperjack cheese
      spicy onion straws • bbq sauce fresh jalapeños • hickory bacon

    • The Smoke Stack Burger*

      bbq pork • picnic slaw bbq sauce • bacon queso

    • Quinoa & Cauliflower

      100% fresh vegetable and grain patty
      lettuce • tomato • onion • side of tomato jam


Service Temporary Paused

To support our nations Social Distancing efforts The NashHouse has needed to pause their offerings. We will restart as soon as it is possible and appreciate the support of our local community.

Wishing everyone many blessings, stay safe out there!